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53,60 EUR*
Details Decorated-Teapots

This elegant teapot is painted by hand. It is approx. 10" in height. made of porcelain See more Teapots

26,12 EUR*
Details Zero-Japan-BBN-02-Teapot-Blueberry

Zero Japan Teapots are hand made from Stoneware and include a stainless steel infuser and removable lid. These teapots hold 450ml. Although this teapot is dishwasher safe, we recommend washing by hand.

5,35 EUR*
Details Chef-Aid-Teapot-Spout-Brush

Chef Aid Teapot Spout Brush is ideal for a cleaner teapot. It comes with synthetic filling and available in white colour. Weighs 19 grams.

4,28 EUR*
Details Teapot-Cookie-Cutter

Teapot Cookie Cutter Made of Tinplate 9.5cm

16,50 EUR*
Details Eurographics-Puzzle-1000-Pc-Teapots-New-EG60000599

Eurographics Puzzle 1000 Pc - Teapots ""NEW"" - (EG60000599)

42,23 EUR*
Details Porcelain-Teapot-w-Lady-Pictures

Beautiful porcelain teapot has ladies' pictures on it. The teapot comes with bamboo handle and metal filter inside. Dimension: approx. 5.5" in diameter in the bottom and 5" in height. Materials: porcelain This item is unavailable at this time. See ...

19,45 EUR*
Details Kruterteetasse-Teapots-Porzellan-3-teilig-mit-Edelstahlsieb

Teetasse Kräuterteetasse "Teapots" Porzellan, 3 teilig mit Edelstahlsieb, 0,25 Im Teeshop finden Sie Teekannen, Teeservice, Teetassen und Tee.

40,23 EUR*
Details No-6-polka-dot-teapot-japan-import

Classic Tea of Japan "carved polka dot". polka dots that will continue to make much has been shining also. is a slight dent in the polka dot one by one is carved by hand also now. teapot teapot type a retro modern.

34,15 EUR*
Details Ten-grass-teapot-straw-japan-import

To ten white porcelain hand-painted red grass blue (Tokusa) Pattern. There is a feeling of cleanliness. Long-selling medium-sized teapot.

35,15 EUR*
Details Polka-dot-teapot-in-62497-japan-import

classic teapot old and new to the latest features are plus longtime seller, the design of polka dot teapot trust. to tea strainer part, I put on ceramic tea strainer finer slightly bigger. To prevent clogging by tea leaves. I can enjoy the ...

46,07 EUR*
Details Yokkaichi-Banko-teapot-e074a-purple-mud-japan-import

classic Banko of (Banko) baked, purple mud (not in use) teapot. Form that Pottari of bowl type. Also powder tea strainer Mr. meshwork of stainless steel support (net Gulli). be to "reducing long densification firing strength" the clay-rich teapot of ...

24,99 EUR*
Details Dream-aluminum-teapot-06L-crane-with-Gold-japan-import

Teapot 0.6L crane with Gold Dream aluminum Color: Gold Capacity: product image this product (l) 0.6L is (21).

36,89 EUR*
Details Dark-checkered-MS-large-teapot-60300-japan-import

Peace of mind, large teapot versatile. Staple of sum "checkered / checkered" Pattern. Taste of hand-painted brush is exquisite. Longtime seller product.

50,05 EUR*
Details Yamakiikai-Tokoname-firing-light-wind-black-comb-meshwork-teapot-Y-957-japan-import

Yamakiikai Tokoname firing light wind black comb meshwork teapot Y-957